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Quality. One little word that can mean so much. We strive for quality in every area of our lives. From award winning entertainment to organic food ingredients, who doesn’t prefer things to be top notch? We’re first taught how to produce quality work in school. Receiving a good grade on a paper or exam is a pretty clear indicator of a job well done. After school though, things can get a bit murky.

Once we enter the workforce, the expectations of what quality work means can vary greatly. In the translation industry, quality work is the key to not only keeping clients happy but to producing effectively translated texts.

Quality in the Final Translation
Accuracy is of course an important component of creating a quality translation, but accuracy alone does not guarantee quality. The translator must ensure that the final text properly reflects the meaning of the source text, has the same intended effect, and accomplishes all project parameters.

During the translation process, there are three types of errors worth keeping an extra sharp eye on. Errors of meaning which encompass using incorrect terms or forgetting to add or remove a word. Spelling and grammar errors can add unnecessary confusion. And last but not least, errors of compliance that may relate to a brand’s specific style guide or language fluency.

Another important aspect of a quality translation is whether or not the text meets cultural standards as well as linguistic ones. A literal translation can literally get lost in translation if the translator does not account for cultural differences such as pop culture references, humor, politics, and values.
In our company, each team member is a professional a client can rely on. We are talking not only meeting deadlines, which is actually the least a professional should do, but someone who will understand when a client pushes for a demanding deadline or ask for that “extra mile” in your work.

At Advisor Translation, we believe that assets make things possible and people make things happen. Hence, we appreciate our human resources and nurture them to be the best in class. We are committed to continually improve our stable working environment and atmosphere, continually train our resourceful teams on both technical and soft skill levels, and constantly enhance our company culture.